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    Stolen Generations Timeline

  • Jimmy Graham who was in the Boys Dormitory from 1941 to 1952 remembers daily life of toil and beatings.



    Jimmy Graham – Domo Boy tells of Scrubbing Floors & Floggings


    JG: Yeah […]

  • Jack Moffatt who spent many years in Boys’ Dormitory describes how the boys used to sleep on the floor and how they came to sleep on beds


    Jack Moffatt – sleeping on beds


    We slept on the floor when I first come here. And we hardly had any blanket, and they – what they – they used to cut flour bags up and sew calico…[Read more]

  • Joan West was brought to the Cherbourg Girls’ Dormitory with her mother and a number of her siblings from where they lived on stations in the Eidsvold area. Life in the dormitory was a regimented existence and difficult for a child who loved her freedom. In this video she chats with Sandra Morgan down on the banks of the Barambah Creek, telling of…[Read more]

  • Grace Bennett was a small child when she was placed in the Cherbourg Girls’ Dormitory. In this video she tells of her experiences in the Dormitory, her family, her isolation and then of her later life and how she married and moved away from Cherbourg, her people and her former life.


    Grace Bennett Interview 22nd September…[Read more]

  • Gloria Williams recounts her experience in the Cherbourg Girls’ Dormitory where she was placed as a very young girl. She speaks of not knowing her family and from where they came and how later in life she set about re-constructing her family tree, finding her relatives and re-connecting with her mob. Her’s is a story of the Stolen Generation where…[Read more]

  • Valmai and Marion – Names supplied by Lesley Williams

  • The Ration Shed Museum is assembling a collection of artifacts from the 110 year history of the Barambah-Cherbourg settlement and from the history of our people prior to the arrival of the settlers in our country. […]

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    Keep an eye out for the Ration Shed Museum’s latest film “The Domo Boys” which will be out soon

  • Uncle Jack Moffat describes how the boys used to scrub the floors in  the dormitory in Cherbourg.


    Jack Moffatt – scrubbing the Dormitory floors



    Jack: See we used to get down like this. We used to get down on our hands and knees. We’d have a bucket there with a scrubbing brush and soap in it. Water, and a…[Read more]

  • Uncle Joe Skeen reads a short piece in which he remembers snippets from his time in the Boys’ Dormitory, more than 60 years ago.!–more–!–more–

    Uncle Joe Skeen clip – transcript

    Uncle Joe Skeen: I was a bit, bit sentimental when I wrote this but, ah, I say we were dormitory boys but we rode the ranges with Gene Audrey and Roy, Roy Rodger,…[Read more]

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    A great meeting today in the Boys’ Dormitory building at the Ration Shed Museum in Cherbourg. Thanks to all who attended

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