Ada Simpson

Ada Saunders was born in Cherbourg on a Monday the 1st March 1943. She has lived all her life on Cherbourg. She schooled at Cherbourg, finishing in 1957. Ada has been involved in the AIM Church for 50 years. She married on Monday the 20th March 1961 to Jack Simpson. They had 10 children and are now grandparents to 34 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren and 6 great-great-grandchildren.

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Cherbourg Community Councillors 1997

1991 – The first independent Community Council is elected. The first Council Chambers is a modest building in Fisher Street. Later new Council Chambers are constructed on Barambah Avenue. Gordon Wragge, Percy Stewart, Paddy Alberts, Bevan Costello (back from left) Mayor Ken Bone, Ada Simpson, Bert Button (front from left)   → View item

Matron Carew in the Maternal and Child Welfare Clinic at Cherbourg 1959

Beryl Watson, Bella Barrett, Wilma Alberts, Dolly Issacs, Ada Simpson, Sally Cobbo, Ruth Moffatt. (back row, against wall, left to right) Matron Carew, unknown, unknown, Harold John Bond Snr., Carol Bond, Marcia Bond. (front row, left to right) All mothers were required to take their babies and young children to the clinic for their weekly check-up. The children were weighed and examined and their progress recorded. The mother was issued with a tin of Sunshine Powdered Milk, feeding bottle and t   → View item

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