Sandra Morgan

Born and raised in cherbourg has lived here all of her life. Sandra founded the ration shed museum and has been the president of the Cherbourg Historica Precinct  in 2004 with her sister Leslie Williams and Group. Sandra is the proud mother of five children and innumerable grandchildren.

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Big March at Hyde Park Sydney 1988

1988 — The Bi-Centenary of the settlement of Australia is commemorated across the nation, including protests by Aboriginal people.   → View item

Ration Shed women at the opening of the Cherbourg Historical Precinct 2009

2009 – The Ration Shed, the Office and the Boy’s Dormitory are renovated. The cultural precinct and museum are officially opened as part of the Q150 celebrations. Lesley Williams, Sandra Morgan, Jeanette Brown, Joan Alberts, Natalie Alberts and Grace Bond (left to right)…   → View item

Boys Dormitory reunion at Cherbourg 1990s

Nellie O’Chin, Laurita O’Chin, Marshall Saunders, Arden O’Chin, Robert West, Cedric Watcho snr., Glen Duncan, Cecil Sullivan snr., Lawrence Dalton, Laurita Saunders, Eric Blair (back row) David Wragge, Laurie Bond, Richard Coleman, Billy Williams, Joe Button snr., Micky Wallace, Henry Gundy, Jack Moffat, Paul Sandow, Keith Warner snr. (front row)   → View item

Ny Ku Byun Hostel for aged care under construction at Cherbourg 1991

1991 — Ny-Ku Byun Hostel for Aged Care opens. The hostel features rooms with private facilities, a dining room with a log fire in winter and gardens that include a gazebo.   → View item

Matron Rynne at Cherbourg Hospital c1960

Matron Cornelia Lillian Rynne was one of the longest serving matrons at Cherbourg Hospital, from 1936 to 1967. This photograph was treasured by the late Naomi Malone Matron Rynne was born at Roma in 1908 and was educated at St Columba’s Convent in Dalby. She began her nursing training at Dalby Hospital. As a doubly-certified sister she nursed at Charleville, Dalby and Maryborough. Her appointment as a sister at Cherbourg Hospital began on 1 April 1936. Eighteen months later she was promote   → View item

The Cherbourg Memory is an initiative of the Rationshed Museum and brings together the photos, videos, oral history recordings, documents and other artifacts of our lives on this settlement. It a website, an archive, an educational resource, a recording project, a research data-base, a store of the people’s stories and an interactive space for comments and engagement. We encourage the people of Cherbourg, the Indigenous communities in Australia and others who have experience of our settlement to help us create a living archive of Barambah-Cherbourg. So find out a little more about the Cherbourg Memory, view the Interactive space, discover how you can Participate, or find out how you can Contribute to the development of the Cherbourg Memory.