The 4th Light Horse Brigade fights in the Es Salt Raid


  1. Judi Henrickson Reply
    Hi My Grandfather was Private Henry Norman Henrickson of The Fifth Light Horse Brigade and he to travelled on this Ship to Egypt. He was Stolen Generation of 1907 and was sent to St Joseph's Orphanage with his two Sisters Thelma and Kathie.He then went onto Neerkbol Station where he learnt to be a Stockman, I have his War Documents and a Letter from The State Controller of Aboriginal Children saying he was 21 - he wasn't. He went to Enogerra Barracks as a Rifleman and because he was a brilliant Stockman they moved him to Light Horse.He was injured in Battle and fought on.He came home when the War ended. He went on to live in Quay Street Rockhampton.He worked for Qld Railways and married Doris Hudson and had three Children - Thelma,Kathie and my father Norman James Henrickson. His brother Oscar Henrickson inherited a Sugar Cane Plantation up Clifton way and never got sent to the Orphanage or Cherbourg. I believe we are Darambul Mob. I discovered my Indigenous Heritage at 50 years of age. I know i have Henrickson family from Cherbourg. Please help me find my relations. Thank you.

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